Getting cold isn't it... Winter is well on its way...

This time of year is all about hot chocolate and open fires but, for the homeless, its about where they will sleep tonight. Hopefully finding a place out of the wind and where they are safe. Worthing Churches Homeless Project.

Set up in 1991 WCHP helps make a difference to 450 people a year who are in need of help.

Lawton & Dawe Properties is thrilled to have joined forces with Msizi Africa. Msizi Africa gives children in Africa access to nutritious food and shelter. Whether they're in orphanages, child headed households or on the street, they ensure they receive nutritious meals every day and live in safe, clean and comfortable surroundings. This complements the wider work of their project partners who aim to improve the lives of the children in their care through education, vocational opportunities, and rehabilitation. We are hoping to raise £2000 to build a home for orphans in Africa and with your help we can help protect these children. If you would like to know more information about how you can help please contact Lucy or visit or


Lawton & Dawe Properties invites you to join the Friends of Shoreham Fort on Sunday 4th September 2011 at 11am for a sponsored walk and family fun day.

We are having a sponsored walk and fun day on Sunday 4th September starting at the Fort at 10:30am. The walk will be kept short so that any one can take part and will finish at the Fort for some fun activities afterwards. There will also be a prize for the person who raises the most amount of money. To register to take part please call Lucy on 0844 22 55 531 or look at

Please help us to save the last fort of its kind in the country


Gary Baines has been researching the Fort for over 15 years now and has personally built a website which has been running for ten years. Once English Heritage had seen his website, they asked Gary to Monitor for the site, which he has been doing since 2006. Shoreham Fort also has a facebook page where you can keep up to date with what is happening and when they are at the Fort.


After showing this continued commitment to the Fort, English Heritage and the Port Authority have now given Gary permission to start a future management project. As you may or may not know, several attempts have been made in the past to try and save the Fort by establishing cafes or small business' onto the site. These projects have unfortunately all failed to even get started, usually because of lack of funding or commitment or the initial cost of starting the projects was too high.


Therefore, it is Gary's aim to look after the Fort and start a future management project with very little funding and volunteers. Hopefully this will prove that the Fort will continue to be looked after even if funding runs out. It is also his aim to keep the site open to the residents of the beach and general public and not to close off areas but eventually open these areas for people to see.


Gary started the group The Friends of Shoreham Fort and work started in early October 2009. It is his goal to return the Fort to the standard it was left in after the 1979-1980 restoration project. This will mean that the Fort will look better for visitors and be a safer environment for local residents that use the Fort on a more regular basis.


The Friends of Shoreham Fort need volunteers of all ages and abilities to carry out duties from manual work to fundraising and also to show visitors around the site and educate then of its importance in the hope that they will be more likely to look after it on their second visit, knowing more about it.

Lawton & Dawe Properties is pleased to be in association with such a fantastic local cause and would ask that anybody interested in learning more to contact us. After all, "We all try to remember the things we have lost and would do anything to have those things back, so why do we not look after them before they are lost."