I think I'm returning to normal after my Kilimanjaro trip. I do, however, have to watch the video back frequently to remind myself I actually did it!

The next challenge is set and this is to take part in the Brighton Marathon for Worthing Churches Homeless Projects. This will be my second Brighton Marathon and third in total, as I was lucky enough to run in the London Marathon back in 2007.

As Shelter is waging war on the letting industry, we letting agents are posing an interesting question: is Shelter a political lobbying organisation or a charity? The campaign to get all letting agents’ fees charged to tenants banned throughout England seems to be structured around biased claims and mistruths.

Everyone has the right to quiet enjoyment, so as a landlord what are your responsibilities if your tenants are ‘noisy neighbours’?

As a landlord, you are ultimately responsible for your tenants and could find complaints coming your way, justified or not.

It is vital you understand what your rights are, especially if faced with a noisy tenant.

We recently wrote about the importance of fire safety in rental properties*. We’re shocked by the latest reported statistics published by Shelter that one in ten landlords and unregulated letting agents fail to conduct gas safety checks**.

Landlords must have a Gas Safety Certificate carried out prior to the commencement of the tenancy, updated annually in accordance with legal requirements under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 as amended 1996.

Sussex is sizzling and it’s not just our weather this week!

The lettings market is well and truly playing to form and heating up as the weather does.

We are still faced with the constant problem that there aren’t enough good quality homes on the market to supply demand but we are starting to see it turn.