At Lawton and Dawe we always want to look after our landlords and help them as much as we can. Below I will discuss a recent incident whereby I helped one of my landlords to find the perfect investment property to buy and then assisted in helping find the right tenants.

We look after 2 properties for this landlord but he was wanting to expand his portfolio and asked if I could help. At first he wanted properties located in Brighton but for what he was looking to invest he wouldn’t get back the return in the rental price. After visiting around 3 properties with my landlord I asked if he would look somewhere else rather than just Brighton when I suggested Worthing. He found a few properties in Worthing which were cheaper and he could get back the return on the rental price compared to the other properties he was looking at in Brighton. After we saw just the 1st property in Worthing I told him to get it – it was the perfect investment property. Once completed we put the property he brought up for rent and within a month it was gone and the new tenants were moved in. We make sure that we feel the tenants are the right ones for the property, and the flat went to a lovely couple with a new born baby and they were thrilled with the property as there first family home.

If you’re looking for a second hand to help then look no further. We have the experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect buy to let property and then find the right tenants to move in. We will assist on all viewings to make sure we know all the information and can give you the correct rental price.

Our buy to let advice is independent and comprehensive and either myself or one of the team would be thrilled to assist you with your first or fifth investment property.
Call me Gemma Riches on 01273 917791 for future information.


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